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   AFGHANRUGS.COM is very pleased to offer to the Oriental rug buying public the  FINEST HAND WOVEN  New Production RUGS on the market today. These beautiful rugs are woven in time honored tradition by Afghan weavers in exile in Pakistan. They are made from all hand spun wools, camel hair and vegetable dyes using designs reminiscent of the past, such as 18th century East Turkestan and Southern Russian designs of the 19th Century.

These rugs are the finest rugs made in the world today. Each rug is exclusively designed. These rugs are not program merchandise. Each rug is a unique work of art with its own unique size and color palette. They cannot be ordered to size, thus ensuring you a one of a kind rug. You will never have the embarrassment of seeing your rug on someone else’s floor!  These rugs are clean, perfect and ready to compliment your decor.

Everyday life in Afghanistan   We have travelled to the nomad camps in Pakistan to hand choose each rug.

As the direct importer with no middle man, I am able to offer these beautiful rugs to you at below New York wholesale prices.
We welcome you to check comparable quality rugs in the retail rug store of your choice. You will find this quality of rug selling at over $70.00 a foot, and even at those prices you will have trouble finding these large room size rugs and you will never find these unique designs and colors.

   We offer a 100% money back guarantee.
Now is the time to invest and enjoy these beautiful antiques of tomorrow!!

We have consolidated our inventory and the SHOP pages will forward to our Mosby Antique Oriental Rug website. If you are interested in investment quality antique rugs, please visit our primary rug business and area of expertise at:



Robert Mosby

Email: rtmosby@verizon.net
Phone: 941-925-1025

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